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With all of the current events in the world, I want to help minimize the stress you may be feeling. One way to do that is to relax in the kitchen. These days, the kitchen houses a sense of equity all on its own. Ingredients establish a level playing field and I have personally observed gender “norms” being kicked to the curb. Men and women alike want to be able to nourish and provide for themselves and their loved ones. The kitchen is also a great place to come together as a family. You can choose your kitchen as a place of refuge and place to feel empowered during this time. Another way to kick the stress out is to think ahead when preparing meals. I am all for a meal that you can stretch! The same ingredients twisted into something new. I like to call them evergreen recipes.

Think of dishes that can be prepared in your multi cooker or that can easily be made into casseroles. Not only are they good for dinner on Monday night but they make a great breakfast on Tuesday morning and lunch on Wednesday afternoon. I’m sure you have a successful crowd favorite… something that you make really well any time of the year. I guarantee you can turn that into one of your own evergreen recipes. This month I want to give you several recipes that can be stretched over 2-3 days.

One Choice Magazine subscribers received three recipes with tips on how they can turn them into at least nine. If they get really creative, I know for a fact that they can turn those three recipes into fifteen different dishes!

I’m giving you a sneak peek at one of the recipes below … Once you try it out, feel free to snap a pic and tag me on Instagram @chickistheChef or @kitchenThis. I would love to see your creations. I want you to become confident and comfortable in your kitchen. Reach out to me for suggestions or to set up a time to take a virtual cooking class!




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