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Kitchen This is enhancing our brand with an improved focus on YOU. Your kitchen education and food literacy are important to me and the best way to learn something is to relate it directly to yourself. I have taken a lot of time to curate meaningful, interactive content that you can relate to your everyday life. I want to teach you to cook in your kitchen, as your Personal teleChef. Each month will have it’s own theme — food centered of course. And each month I will look forward to learning, laughing and growing with you in the kitchen. My February theme focuses on self love. Simply put: You are worth the squeeze! Everything that you are striving for and every move you make, it’s all for a reason and it is all worth it. The sacrifices you have to make and the extra time you put into you are more than worth the effort. 

Let’s side step for a few moments … For those of you just joining us or those that didn’t know this piece of my journey, I am an educator. Full time high school teacher. Whew! (I saw the halls of the school and twenty students in my face when I wrote that.) Not only do I teach high school full time, but I teach in person cooking classes part time and I teach about all things in the kitchen here on my online platform. Teach teach teach … are you noticing a theme? I have always loved education and I have always loved cooking. I am so blessed that God saw fit for me to get to combine those two things and operate in my gift. I live for learning and needless to say voyage for vittles in my spare time! It’s important that you know that about me as we move forward in our Kitchen This journey together. 

I spent the last couple of months completing an online book study for my own professional development. (Fellow teachers, don’t run from the blog because I mentioned PD… please please hang in there!) A recurrent theme in the book we covered was effort as it relates to reward. How can I truly get students to understand that the amount of time they spend learning a concept or honing a skill will allow them to reap sweet sweet rewards in the end? It’s a tough task to take on. And I don’t just take on that task with students in the classroom, I take it on daily with myself. Eat this fruit, eat this veggie … Your skin will glow, your stomach will flatten. Read this book, sleep this long … You’ll be more professionally developed, you’ll have more energy.

Every single day we make choices on what to do and what not to do hoping that they will yield our intended result. Hoping that all of this effort we are putting in will be worth the reward. Do you ever just want to give up? I know I do! I want to throw the towel in because I’m running low on energy, low on funds and low on time. Today, I encourage you to remember why you joined the gym, remember why you enrolled in that class, remember why you went on that date, why you froze the girl scout cookies and why you started saving that money. Everything that you are striving for and every move you make, it’s all for a reason and it is all worth it. Kitchen This is about educating you. February is about loving you. I love you! God loves you! Remember, you are worth the squeeze.

What do you want to learn this year? Let me know.

See you in the kitchen!


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