Deck the Halls

Fa la la! Enjoy your family this holiday and do your best to keep it healthy! I’m right there with you. Cheers!

1 Day Until Christmas 🎄

What to drink?! You don’t have to sacrifice flavor – just think about new options!

💡Skim Milk instead of Whole for the kiddos
💡Cinnamon – instead of cream & sugar in your coffee
💡Using soda water with fresh fruit – instead of sugary juices in your mixed drinks
💡Red wine instead of white wine

3 Days Until Christmas 🎄

It’s all about portion control! Did you know, portion sizes can be decided before the scooping begins? That’s right! You can play a part in your success and the success of your guests by portioning during the recipe. Think about “mini sizing” it instead of the ever popular “super sizing” it. Do you have any muffin pans laying around? How about some ramekins? Take charge of the portions in the kitchen that way the choice is easier to make table side. Here are a few ideas:

💡Bake your macaroni in a small tart dish or ramekin
💡Bake cornbread in mini muffin tins
💡Scoop mashed potatoes into martini glasses
💡Make mini cheesecake or sweet potato pie in mini muffin pans

Festive Foodies! I want you to have a Happy & Healthy Holiday! It’s almost that time and I still want you to think about making this a Holiday filled with health. Cheers to you!

4 Days Until Christmas 🎄

Plan ahead if you think you will go overboard on the sweets. People often celebrate holidays with fun desserts such as cookies and cakes, so if you think you will have a dessert at the party, make a plan first. Maybe you can have a smaller portion of your starches during the meal. If your mom only makes her famous sweet potatoes at Christmas, skip the cornbread and save calories for dessert.

Try to keep the amount that you will eat consistent with your usual plan. It’s all about balance. Make it work for you! Here are a few tips to help control yourself:

💡Eat a big plate of fruit at the end of your meal
💡Skip any dinner rolls or bread items & save room for dessert
💡Take it to go – nothing says you MUST eat everything right now!
💡Help the host get food out on time so you aren’t stuck eating dessert late in the night

Foodies Unite! I want you to have a Happy & HEALTHY Holiday! I am still counting down the days to Christmas with you and giving out tips to make your Holiday a healthy success.

5 Days Until Christmas 🎄

Simple food swaps! As you’re perusing the Food Lion, Harris Teeter and Kroger aisles over the next few days – think about ingredient substitutes that can taste great and help you stay healthy! Does your family love creamy dips and casseroles? Try using plain non fat Greek yogurt in your recipe! Also, try swapping out the heavy dip altogether and opt for fresh salsa and chips.

Here are a few other simple food swaps:

💡 1 cup oil=1 cup applesauce
💡 1 cup butter = 1 cup avocado puréed
💡 graham crackers for cookies (pie crusts)
💡 cacao nibs or powder = chocolate chips
💡 1 Tbsp flax meal w/ 3 Tbsp water = 1 egg

💡 brown rice = white rice #simple
💡 zucchini ribbons instead of pasta noodles
💡 grated steamed cauliflower = rice
💡 crush rolled oats instead of breadcrumbs
💡 lettuce leaves = tortilla wraps

Foodie Friends, I want you to have a Happy & HEALTHY Holiday! Over the next week I’ll be counting down the days to Christmas with you and giving out tips to make your Holiday a healthy success.

7 Days Until Christmas 🎄

Bring your own dish to the party. Even if you’re not hosting – you can still help out! Veggies are usually missing at the table, so bring some healthy side dish and appetizer options.

Here are a few ideas:

💡 mixed greens salad with apples
💡 pasta dish with broccoli and root veggies
💡 chips and salsa – who doesn’t love ’em
💡 roasted corn with diced peppers
💡 vegetable stir fry
💡 a fresh fruit platter

It’s okay to switch things up – sometimes folks get tired of the same old thing. Be the new dish hero this coming weekend with a new fruit and veggie-filled take on your favorite classic.

Hi Foodies, I want you to have a Happy AND Healthy Holiday! Over the next week I’ll be counting down the days to Christmas with you and giving out tips to make your Holiday a healthy success. Why wait!? Let’s start now…

8 Days Until Christmas 🎄

Set some goals with your family. Talk to your loved ones about the things you need to do to reach your heath goals. Your family members may be working on their own goals and maybe you can work together to start a new healthy family tradition!

Some ideas to get you started:
💡 host a Holiday walk after the big meal
💡 have a Holiday flag football game
💡 host a healthy recipe cooking contest
💡 start a morning after workout ritual

This year, I’ll be participating in a Collard Green contest with my family! Check out the photo from one of my test batches! I’ll let you know how it goes.

What goals will you set this year!?


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