Big Blessing Buggy

Y’all know those mini buggy carts at the grocery store? Where they cut the regular sized one in half and stacked it? Well I feel so blessed to say that THE single most frustrating part of my weekend was today with one of those buggies! Yes – BLESSED!

I was in a rush, as usual, had a huge hand bag in tote and spotted a buggy in the corral thing next to my car. I went straight for the cute mini one and as luck would have it, two of them were stuck together. Hunny I tried my hardest to pull that cart away from the other one. I tried from the front, back, side and even used my foot but it would not budge! And I wanted this cart. I needed THIS cart. I even stopped. stepped back. Reevaluated how they were connected and starting pulling again because I just knew I wanted this one. I needed THIS one. I even said to myself “God, why won’t you just let me have it!?”

And I stopped.

I couldn’t believe all the effort I was putting in to getting this THING I wanted. And I only wanted it because i thought it was convenient, cute and more comfortable to push around. I just knew that this was the one for me and I was sitting here questioning God on why He wouldn’t let me have it!

Let that sink in.

There I was fighting so hard for something that didn’t want to make the slightest movement. Fighting for something that didn’t want to be with me. It wasn’t intended for me.

He doesn’t intend for us to have the effortless tasks. The blessings he’s bestowing upon us aren’t always sitting in the most attractive packages and I know now more than ever that God doesn’t care about my comfort zone! So I left that cart sitting right there! It was not mine. It was not meant for me. I found a bigger heavier more obtrusive buggy inside and just pushed that around! It wasn’t what I was looking for and it certainly wasn’t the one I wanted but it was meant for me.

I kid you not, when I was leaving the store I saw a woman 40 years my senior walk up to that stuck cart I was asking God to release to me 20 minutes before. Part of me wanted to yell out to her to move on. Try another. Those are defective. But before I could, God held my tongue. She grabbed what I thought was MY cute lil cart, What I thought was MY comfy little blessing and pulled it away from the other with such ease and grace! It was meant for her.

Tonight, I encourage you to walk in the faith that what God has for you is for you, and you only. In the same spirit, please understand that what God does NOT have for you is NOT yours! Take the time this week to listen to what God has for you and pray to Him that your steps are ordered by Him.

To whomever is out there, take what you needed of this & leave the rest. I’ll be entering the week with my “big blessing buggy”. I hope to see you pushing yours too!


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