1 Foolproof Tip for Nailing Life

Everyone has that aha moment, right? The one that makes the crazy longitude and latitude stripes of your life perfectly align. A thought so provoking that you stand still exactly where you are and call ‘your person’. Letting them know that your whole purpose in life flashed before your eyes and now – you’re good. Everyone has had that moment, right?


I mean some (if not all) of us are still effectively winging it. Taking it day by day and in some cases hour by hour. I know I am. I thought by this stage in the game I’d be the checklist proficient, über budgeter who is well versed in yoga.

Again, triangle pose is supposed to look like a what?

Last night for instance, I had amazing plans for dinner. Knew I was getting home early and had eggplant parmesan on my mind. And I’m a Chef, right? I do this for a living. People pay me to make their dinner – so what could go wrong? Eva-ray-thang!

Remember that time you swung by Starbucks when you were already running late, chatted two minutes too long with the cute Barista, forgot your extra Equals and sped off with your Grande Soy Chai Creme Frappuccino sitting delicately on the roof of your car? Say hello to my once perfectly shiny eggplant now resting peacefully & dusty somewhere between my house and Kroger.

But no worries! I have two zucchini in the fridge and they’re somewhat similar in texture. I’ll try them out. So now my zucchini are dipped, breaded and in the oven. What’s next?

Let me get into this fridge and find that spaghetti sauce I bought for an upcoming cooking video. Listen, what seems like ages ago I worked in Corporate ‘Merica and tried to bring my lunch as often as possible. I spent time on these lunches y’all! Only for one day when I decided to have lunch out with a group a colleague decided she could try my lunch as her own. Because, as she said, “I wasn’t going to eat it any way!” Say hello to my present day jar of pasta sauce. Eternally borrowed by one of my roommates.

But no worries! I have a few tomatoes and I always keep a red onion on deck. Sprinkle some garlic powder, salt, pepper. I’ll whip up a tomato sauce and roll with it. What’s next?

Get my eggplant, I mean zucchini -insert side eye-, out of the oven and into this sauce so I can top it with my cheese and veggies, bake it and sit down to dinner in 30 minutes or so. Have you ever left the house so early and so pumped for the day that you didn’t even think about what the weather would be like later? Got into the office while it was nice and cool outside so the turtleneck you wore ended up being perfect all day. That is, until you stepped outside after work and the 4 o’clock air hit your face like a 350° oven. Say hello to what did not happen when I opened the door after my zucchini had been resting there in the cold for ten minutes.

But no worries! I have a stove and a skillet so let’s pan fry these bad boys, add in my sauce, herbs and cheese and be on our way. What’s next?

Time to plate this Zucchini Parmesan and enjoy it. Savor it. Relish it. I worked for it. I earned it.


My Foolproof tip for Nailing Life? It’s really simple. Just ask yourself, “what’s next?” 

Believe you me when things go awry it can get overwhelming. No matter if you’re at work, at home or school. Do not get discouraged. Do not be distracted. Do not become distraught.

To nail this thing called life just pick up your apron, dust yourself off, take it one meal at a time, find the right tools and ingredients to make the whole thing work and ask yourself — “what’s next?”

Because I am 100% certain that if you believe you can – then you WILL.

Cheers to your future #nailedit post!


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